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Willow & Shandie...

Updated pics of my Snag-Dog Willow, LOL
She's the long hair standard on the left with my Mother's short hair mini [Shandie] on the right.
[click to enlarge]

My snag and I reside on the border of NSW/Vic.
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aww what a pair of cuties!

Have you seen the toyota ad and the continental soup ad? both adds feature a cute red smooth haired dachsie. I get excited every time I see the ads - i'm such a dag. hee hee.

Oh and welcome to the community. :)
*laughs* Yeppers I've seen the Soup one, not the Toyota one though yet.

Your not alone I would get all excited everytime I saw the add for the McDonalds Happy Meals when they were promoting 'The Dog' and they had a Snag Dog on the add too.
did you get one of the mcdonalds "the dog"? They were out of the snag dog when I went in.

The Toyota ad shows 2 short clipses of the dachsie (I think it's probably the same one that's in the continental soup and pal ads). You see it at the beginning of the ad being walked down the street and then right at the end as it runs to it's bed at night.