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Greetings and salutations!

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Hello, everyone--

First, if it isn't immediately obvious, I have just joined (and am posting) to every LJ community I could find under the "dachshund" interest category that was clearly "doxie-only". If this post doesn't meet the criteria for the community (I think I'm OK), please let me know and I will delete it.

Having said that...

I am the pending doxie owner of Willie the Hypothetical Dog™. Perhaps I should explain.

We do not in fact have a dachshund yet. My husband and I plan to adopt a doxie from one of the local or national doxie/canine rescue groups, probably some time in January. Interestingly enough, this dachshund we do not have yet already has a name (Willie, regardless of gender) and a theme song (somewhat of a work in progress). And a chew toy. And a product line (more about that later).

This is my first doxie and my husband's "second" doxie (his first was when he was five). We have both had dogs of other breeds before. I have done an incredible amount of research on doxies, so I think I'm prepared in a general way for the idiosyncrasies of this breed. We live in the northern Virginia area (just a bit outside of the Washington DC beltway in the United States). So here are my questions, and I will bask in your combined knowledge and advice. Thanks in advance!
  • For those who have rescued doxies, what group did you use, and why?
  • What sort of home preparation did you do for your doxie?
  • How bad are stairs, really? (Our house has three floors.)
  • Do people have recommendations for food, harnesses, leashes, etc?
  • Crate training-- how necessary is it? (My husband and I both work, but we live about 5-7 minutes from our house.)
  • A doggie door-- how necessary is it?
  • Any recommendations on training methods?
  • Will a single doxie be OK by itself, or should we look into getting a companion right away?
  • How many people out there are from the greater DC area? If you're from there, would you be interested in an LJ community specific for that area?

OK. So to assist in the adoption costs, etc of Willie, as well as to have an outlet for my creativity, I have used an online product creation side (think CafePress or Zazzle) to create Willie the Hypothetical Dog™ products. These products include (but are not limited to) t-shirts, bumper stickers and greeting cards. In case it wasn't clear, yes, Willie is a dachshund.

I would really like to increase my exposure of these items so that I can sell more of them. Once we actually have Willie "in the flesh", I would start donating a portion of my proceeds to one or more doxie rescue groups. So my questions about this are:
  • Is it shameless/tacky to post in this LJ community about my Willie products, to let people know they are available?
  • Can you suggest any other places that would be receptive to my Willie products?

So thank you all for your time, and I hope I can get some really useful advice from people. I've read posts in the communities, and I'm really excited to be here.
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